Friday, May 15, 2009

To Twit Or Not To Twit

我們的計畫是否學習到在專業工作情境中如何使用部落格,這個我不知道;但是很多辦公室中目前最夯、被爭論不休的議題是,「該怎麼使用 twitter?」「那些情境下適合 twitter,那些又不適合呢?」這篇 The New York Observer 的文章:Twitter Culture Wars at 'The Times': 'We Need a Zone of Trust,' Bill Keller Tells Staff,呈現了紐約時報辦公室裡面編輯與記者們的不同看法與爭論。

“Inside the newsroom we’re learning lessons about what’s appropriate and inappropriate,” Times televsion reporter Brian Stelter told The Observer in an interview. He tweeted only once during the Monday session. “I think what we should be talking about and what we’re actively talking about are the broader benefits Twitter has for journalism and how it can improve our work in subtle ways.”